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Jeff *deliberately* does not have the run-of-the-mill, overly-produced “book me now” promo video you might be used to seeing from other speakers. And that is by design: He respects the discerning experience of executive directors and meeting planning professionals who know to identify top speakers based on the substance of their session, rather than through video production capabilities. In being at the top of your field, it is likely that your interest is in a transfer of value from the speaker to your audience: how can the audience be changed for the better, how imparted knowledge will drive customers, members, attendees to accomplish more than they could before meeting Jeff.

That is the very reason why a few select clips of Jeff’s versatile, engaging, action-inspiring sessions are featured here. Even when the event’s post-editing shows only a partial version of his visuals/slides, you nonetheless can appreciate the impact that sessions as short as 5 minutes session can have on the audience.

As Sara Schoolcraft of Virginia said: “Most moving and inspiring 5 minutes – ever!”

Sample Video – 2013 IACSC Annual Conference: Closing Keynote

  • Keynote Title: Latin American Market in 10 Steps: Why You Should, How You Can & How You Will (or Will Not).
  • Keynote Format: 1 hour.
  • Total Audience: 300


Sample Video – TEDxDetroit 2011

  • Keynote Title: 3 Disciplines Of Growth: How Triathlon Lessons Strengthen Companies, Teams and Organizations.
  • Keynote Format: IGNITE (5 minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds).
  • Total Audience: 1,500


Sample Video – TEDxMSU 2012

  • Keynote title: The Glocal Citizen
  • Keynote format: 20 minutes
  • Total audience: 700
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Jeff Jorge, Baker Tilly

Jeff Jorge, Principal – Baker Tilly