Keynotes & Topics

With a diverse set of experiences, perspectives and expertise, Jeff’s versatility as a speaker, professional and human being come together in his unique array topics to make an indelible, singular mark to events at which he is invited to speak.

His extraordinary background, non-linear life path, and ethno-cultural breadth have enabled Jeff to develop a highly unique view of the business world and of life – in particular, of where opportunities exist. Jeff’s extensive knowledge of international business, growth strategy and the unique traits (both good and bad) of start-ups and behemoth Fortune 500 organizations alike give his business- and life- related lectures, talks and seminars rare insight and credibility. In addition to semi- or fully-custom sessions, his topics range from global market growth, strategic planning, and corporate development to product innovation, team engagement and personal achievement.

Regardless of topic or title, Jeff is known for packing his programs with poignant insights, motivating ideas and tangible tools that attendees can use instantly to be one step closer to achieving their professional and personal objectives.

A few of his acclaimed keynotes include, among others:

Global Market Pursuit in 10 Steps: Why You Should, How You Can, and How You Will (or Will Not).
Tenets: Engaging, actionable tools, motivational.
In this keynote, Jeff shares first-hand accounts, rare insights and proven methodologies to help accelerate your company’s growth into international markets. In using some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and regions as the session’s foundational examples, this engaging and informative keynote enables participants to walk away with actionable tools to help accelerate their organizations’ global expansion.

Among many outcomes, attendees:

  • Recognize – and feel empowered to leverage – the potential inherent to their business in
    expanding beyond domestic borders.
  • Identify ways to further diversify and grow their revenue stream, client base and market
  • Increase understanding of cultural, linguistic and socio-economic factors that influence
    international growth.
  • Gain insights on a proven methodology to develop international markets and overall
    organizational growth.
  • Walk away with tools that would require years of research, experience and investment
    to obtain independently.

Triathlon Lessons that Build Successful Organizations, People & Leaders
Tenets: Engaging, motivational, inspiring.
An informative, fun, engaging and (yes!) inspiring session on how lessons from one of the world s fastest-growing sports can help you in growing your organization and in developing your team and self in the process. Learn how experiences gleaned from the disciplines of swimming, biking and running – and often the horror in between – can help improve goal-setting, reach breakthrough results (in revenue, operations, and personally), rise above challenges to advance your organization and yourself and more! As a veteran triathlete, entrepreneur, author and speaker Jeff shares insights that help you and your organization go the distance.
Format of keynote sample below: Ignite (5 minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds).

The Glocal Citizen
Tenets: Engaging, triumph of the human spirit, inspiring. Alternate version includes recruiting, retaining and engaging millenials in the workplace.
In this keynote, Jeff introduces the concept of Glocal Citizen and further explores how such traits shape who we are and the world around us. To do this, he reveals aspects of his own personal journey – which included a period of homelessness – and engages the audience to reflect and act upon their roles as citizens inside an increasingly global community. Fun, funny, emotional and thought provoking, this keynote has inspired a wide range of audiences and featured Jeff as an invited guest on multiple National Public Radio interviews.
Format of keynote sample below: TED (under 20 minutes). Version below is non-Millenial-centric content.

Your Topic, Your Goal, Your Session
You and your organization can leverage Jeff’s numerous topics, experience and versatility as a speaker to develop a semi- or fully-custom session for your event. To find out more:

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